We’ve designed BRXS for investors who want to invest in real estate for the long term so as to maximize return potential. BRXS intends to hold and manage the properties for up to 10 years. Now we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to your financial portfolio, so there are options to sell brxs notes when you need.

We are exploring the options on setting up a secondary market and will keep you updated on the progress. Through a secondary market you can sell your brxs notes to other investors.

In the meanwhile, there are two options to sell your brxs notes after a 6 months hold period from their initial purchase:

Find an eligible buyer (i.e. resident of the Netherlands, 18 year of age or older) and agree the transfer of ownership to them; we will complete transfer administration at no cost.
Sell your brxs notes back to us at their current market value minus 1% transaction fee. In the twelve months immediately following an initial offering, a property’s market value is deemed equal to the original purchase price. Afterward, the property’s market value changes relative to the sales of similar properties in the neighbourhood where the BRXS property is located. Approval of BRXS is required for all sales and it is up to the discretion of BRXS whether to accept or reject a sale.
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