Does Brxs fall under the supervision of the AFM?

BRXS does not fall under the supervision of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten; AFM). The AFM is the authority responsible for supervising the operation of the financial markets in the Netherlands.

What does Brxs offer?

BRXS offers notes to investors. In short, notes (also known as ‘bonds’ and by us, referred to as ‘brxs notes’) are standardized loans. When buying a note, you grant us a loan, which, in principle, entitles you to interest payments during the term of the loan and repayment of the loan at end of the term. Those interest payments are variable and dependent on the performance of the property to which the note relates and they comprise of:

Net rental income generated by the property, which is the total rental income minus costs such as maintenance, city taxes, insurance and mortgage payments.

Property value appreciation so you will receive part of the potential gains made from the increase in the property’s value at the end of your investment or when the property is sold.

Find more explanations on the expected returns here.

Why is the AFM banner at the top of the webpage?

An offering of securities (such as notes), in principle, requires a so-called ‘prospectus’ under the Prospectus Regulation. A prospectus is a document which contains, amongst other things, information on the notes, the party offering the notes and the risks for investors. A prospectus must be approved by the AFM and published to investors prior to the offering. However, not in all situations in which notes are offered to investors an approved prospectus is mandatory.

BRXS relies on a Dutch law exemption to the obligation to publish an approved prospectus. This exemption applies when the issuer of the notes (i.e., BRXS) offers notes up to a total offer consideration of less than EUR 5 million. When using this exemption, BRXS must display the AFM “exemption notice” on certain documents relating to the notes and on its website (see the banner at the top of this page).

BRXS complies with all requirements in relation to the exemption from the prospectus obligation and always strives to operate with full transparency. Investors can find detailed information in respect of all BRXS’ properties in the respective portfolios on the website. We have also prepared an information document for each investment, including all important risks relating to such investment, which we advise you to read prior to your investment. In addition, investors will receive quarterly updates on their investments through their account in which we provide full transparency on all financial information about the property.

BRXS intends to apply for a full AFM license (AIFMD) in 2022 and extend its activities accordingly. We will keep you updated on the progress.
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