If you do not have an account, you can sign up for BRXS here.

When you have an account, you can:

Browse through the listed BRXS properties. You can see detailed financials and information on each property and we encourage you to go through that. Once you have decided on one, click "Invest Now" to get your investment started.

Select the number of brxs notes you want to buy in the property you selected (important: the maximum number of brxs notes you can buy differs per property). Each brxs note is priced at €100. After filling in a few more details about yourself, select your preferred payment method, complete the transaction, and, with that, you are now a brxs note holder!

No hassle: BRXS takes care of the properties’ maintenance, upkeep, and day-to-day business, working with tenants, keeping track of accounting, insurances, annual tax filings, etc.

Earn: Every quarter, you will receive your payouts with respect to the brxs notes bought by you, in the form of an interest payment on your initial investment. The quarterly payment is basically the net rental income over that quarter, distributed across all investors in a given property in the first week after a given quarter. Over time you will also participate in the property value appreciation.

Share: Send details about your investment to friends. You can also invite them to join you as investors and earn yourself a referral bonus!
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